80’s Prom Gowns are Surely in Fashion

Published on by promguides2012

Prom dresses have always been a major talk amongst all excited girls wanting to look their best on prom nights. Vintage prom dresses are quite popular as a theme for many nights in the recent times. These lend a beautiful touch to the occasion and can also make you look stunning with a touch of difference. The 80’s prom dresses have always caught my fancy. It gives a feel of a completely different era altogether! So, what were the 1980s proms dresses all about? How do they stand apart from the kind of designs that are available today? Well, there’s a whole lot of difference from the designs seen back then and today. Let’s take a closer look!

The cheap prom dresses of the 1980s always had extra fabric added in the design. These dresses were generally colorful and basically of darker shades. The main thing about prom dresses during the 80’s was the use of dazzling gold, steel silver, beautiful pinks and electric blues. The dresses were definitely bold in their structure and often attracted attention at all prom parties. These dresses often touched the ankles sweeping onto the floor.

Another particular feature of the 80’s prom dresses were the use of shoulder pads. There was also an emphasis in terms of embellishment. These figure hugging blue dresses had designs made of sequins or even ruffles. The kinds of fabrics used were basically gorgeous silks or velvets and soft satins. Lace and pearls were also added into the design.

These were some of the basic elements that were a common factor amongst all the 80’s prom dresses UK . You can attempt this look by browsing through the various sites online that cater towards such styles. You can also take a look at specific clothing stores in your area. So, this prom night, I am sure you are bound to dazzle everybody in true vintage era style!

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