Dress Tips for Cocktail Parties

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Understanding the different fashion trends and silhouettes that are the toast of the season is important while choosing a cocktail party dress, it is also important to pay attention to the cocktail dresses 2012 etiquette which needs you to dress according to the event. Being a slave to fashion trends is an extremely bad idea as there is a possibility that a silhouette that is a rage on the catwalk may be unflattering for you. What you could do is always adopt the style to suit your body type and then accessorize it in ways to make you stand out at the party. Given below are some tips that can help you choose the perfect cocktail party dress.

It is always a good idea to decide on your dress depending on how you received your invitation. If you were invited over the phone or sent an e-mail, then chances are that the event is a casual affair but at the same time if you were sent an invitation by post or personally invited, then it is probably a more formal event.

Avoid cocktail dress that are long prom dresses which make you look like you are about to walk the red carpet. Choose a dress that has a length that ranges between being a mini or just above the ankles. Also the fabric that you choose should be in accordance with the season. Wearing a wool blend dress in the summers will only make you sweat.

Do not choose a dress that makes you uncomfortable. If you are a little closed to the idea of showing off your arms in a halter prom dress, but love the overall fit of the dress, then you could opt to carry a shrug or a stole that will help you hide the arm area. The most important part of any party attire is to accessorize it well. Do not go overboard with jewelry. Always wear one eye catching piece instead of wearing several ornaments. Try and experiment with colors and cuts. You can also do so with the shoes that you wear contrasting it with the color of your dress.

These were just a few tips that will help you understand how to choose a cocktail dress. Try and keep them in mind the next time you go shopping.

When Christian Dior first used the word cocktail dress to refer to clothes that would be worn as early evening wear, little did he or the world know, that he would spawn a whole new subsidiary in the world of fashion. Prom dresses 2011 UK have been extremely popular amongst most women all over the world for close to a century now, with new cuts and styles being brought to their notice everyday. Given below are some cocktail party dresses that you can choose from for your next outing. A perfect dress for someone who has toned arms and collar bones to make even a model envious; a one shouldered cocktail party dress is perfect for summers. You could either opt for a dress that gathered skirt or a Goddess dress. The latter, though is most suitable for someone with a good figure and a toned abdomen. The gathered skirt option, especially if worn with a corset like top would make up for a not so perfect figure. Wear gladiator sandals with a dress in this cut.

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