To Create a Celebrity Look with Less Money

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If you’d like to dress like a celebrity, but have a much more limited budget, it requires some creative thinking. If you are looking for a little inspiration, read on for six tips on how to dress like a celebrity on a budget. Tips on how to find the formal dresses cheap to dress like a celebrity:


Shop on Ebay By shopping on Ebay you can get your hands on clothing and accessories that are only a fraction of the retail price. Some Online stores even offer celebrity replica looks for a very small outlay. When it comes to designer goods on Ebay, it is best to only deal with sellers who have very good feedback, and also look for listings that offers things like store receipts and original packaging.


Shop at online stores Many affordable online stores bring out celebrity inspired looks as soon as they become popular. Try stores like Instylegirls, Forever 21, H&M and Charlotte Russe. Embrace D.I.Y We rarely see celebrities wearing the same outfit over and over again. Most of us mere mortals cannot afford to buy new clothes constantly and only wear them once or twice, but if you are creative you can sew or modify your own items to create new looks regularly.


Hire designer goods If you want to carry the “it” bag or wear a knockout designer dress, but can’t afford to spend over $1000 on one item, consider hiring it for a short period of time. There are many companies that let you hire the latest designer fashions. Scour second hand stores It has become quite popular in celebrity circles to wear vintage clothing.


Unfortunately this means that many vintage clothing sellers now have quite steep prices, but there are still out of the way second hand stores where you can find prom dresses UK. Be prepared to really rummage around to find what you are looking for. Be your own stylist Many celebrities employ a stylist to give them expert fashion advice. With a little bit of research you can act as your own stylist.


It is a good idea to learn what suits your body shape and which colors look good on you. It is also beneficial to decide upon an image that suits your personality. For example, if you are a girly girl, feminine ladylike fashion is likely to suit you. If you like a minimalist look, classic fashion pieces are probably the way to go. When you go shopping be dedicated to choosing pieces that flatter your body shape and coloring, and those that fit with your image.

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